MicroGEM On-Demand Webinar
Temperature-Driven Nucleic Acid Extractions
Quicker Extractions | Faster Results | Timely Decisions


May 21, 2019 — DNA and RNA hold the keys to resolving many of the toughest research challenges. MicroGEM’s approach to faster, nearly effortless, nucleic acid extractions empowers researchers to move quickly to their important work of treating and curing diseases; addressing water quality, crop health and food security; tackling crime scene analysis and human ID; and advancing many of the health, safety and environmental issues we face as a society.

This 15-minute on-demand webinar provides an overview of MicroGEM's temperature-driven approach to DNA and RNA extractions where speed, sample size, yield, and simplified workflow are important. Single-tube extractions produce high-quality nucleic acids in minutes, not hours, without the overuse of plastic or harsh chemicals. Reduced handling means fewer opportunities for contamination, all at an affordable cost.

Gene therapy, molecular biology, pharmacology, forensics, environmental sciences, and plant pathology are just a few fields where MicroGEM is helping scientists move quickly to analysis, produce faster results, and make timely decisions about the implications of their studies

Watch the webinar to discover how to use enzymes derived from nature's most extreme organisms to extract high-quality DNA and RNA from limited samples (from a single cell to thousands of cells) very quickly and at a reasonable cost.