On-demand RNA Extraction Webinar

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Join Jeff Chapman, MicroGEM's CEO, for a glimpse at the future of genomic analysis and nucleic acid isolation.

Whether you are capturing and quantifying gene expression from circulating tumor cells, genetically modifying cells using CRISPR technology, evaluating cell heterogeneity from a needle biopsy, isolating rare cells using FACS or simply trying to quantify a virus, extracting and stabilizing RNA can be a challenge. Usually when the topic of RNA isolation comes up, so does the concern for RNA degradation, and a healthy paranoia has been created about the ubiquitous nature of RNAses, enzymes notoriously difficult to destroy.

In this webinar,  Jeff discusses advances made in RNA extraction and stabilization from rare samples to a single cell, using a series of enzymes which efficiently lyse cells, clear interacting proteins from nucleic acids and eliminate RNases, preserving the integrity of the extracted RNA. All this work is performed in a single tube providing a rapid process with maximum nucleic acid recovery. Jeff discusses the technology behind this approach and provides examples from published literature.

Attend the webinar to learn about:

  • An enzymatic approach to extracting and stabilizing RNA
  • Improving gene expression quantitation through more efficient recovery of RNA
  • Tackling gene expression from a few cells to a single cell
  • The future of democratized molecular devices for gene expression.

This webinar was presented live on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at the Select Science Virtual Event on Cancer and Immunology Research.