These validation studies confirm the efficacy of forensicGEM sperm to rapidly prepare samples for Y screening. Lysis of sperm and epithelial cells in mixtures can be quantified using real time PCR to detect male DNA. Further, this process provides a good estimate of male DNA to total genomic DNA. Finally, the real time PCR data from the soiled denim was useful in estimating DNA concentration for STR amplification, indicating that the extraction can handle common inhibitors such as soil and denim.

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PDQeX forensicGEM Sperm

Generates closed-tube, hands-free purified double-stranded DNA

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forensicGEM Sperm is our new name for our previous forensicGEM Sexcrime kit – same product, same formulation – just a new name.

Each kit contains PDQeX forensicGEM, Acrosolv, ORANGE+ buffer, and tubes

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PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor

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Optimized for lysis and purification for double-stranded sequencing; also produces high-quality single-stranded extractions.

Simplified workflow in a single closed-tube system to handle challenging samples such as plant and fungi.

Perfect for labs looking for fast, hands-free, programmable sample processing.

Produces DNA in less than 20 minutes.

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