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PDQeX forensicGEM Universal

Generates closed-tube, hands-free purified double-stranded DNA from blood, saliva, and tissue (for cigarette, please use forensicGEM Universal with your thermocyler).

Ideal for high throughput screening and STR, PCR, and qPCR.

Kit contains PDQeX forensicGEM, Histosolv, BLUE buffer, ORANGE+ buffer, enhancer, and tubes.

info Product Codes and Prices
# of Reactions Product Code Price
50 XFU0050 $206.00
100 XFU0100 $390.00
500 XFU0500 $1,853.00
1000 XFU1000 $3,510.00

Image shows 100, 500, and 1,000 reaction kits

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The PDQeX forensicGEM Universal kit offers a simple hands-off method for DNA extraction and purification of a wide variety of forensic samples including blood, saliva, and tissue.

Using MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor, there are only two simple steps – quick sample prep and temperature-controlled DNA extraction and purification. This closed-tube, automated approach generates purified double-stranded DNA ready for high-throughput screening and works perfectly for STR, PCR, and qPCR applications.

  • Comprehensive cell lysis in 20 minutes
  • Simplified, hands-off workflow with no purification steps
  • Extracts DNA from samples in very small volumes and with very few cells
  • Reduced handling protects the integrity of the sample

Read how the PDQeX and forensicGEM Universal, in a 2018 comparative study, generated the most successful STR typing results from decomposed tissues stored in TENT for up to six months at room temperature.

Holmes AS, Roman MG, Hughes-Stamm S (2018) In-field collection and preservation of decomposing human tissues to facilitate rapid purification and STR typing. Forensic Science International: Genetics 36: 124-129. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fsigen.2018.06.015

Quick-Start Guide: PDQeX forensicGEM Universal (pdf)

Quick-Start Guide: PDQeX forensicGEM Universal (Chinese)

Safety Data Sheet: PDQeX forensicGEM Universal (pdf)


DNA extraction from bone is challenging. Complex sampling and purification steps are time-consuming and may lead to contamination. When processed using MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor and the PDQeX forensicGEM Universal kit, DNA from bone can be extracted much quicker than standard bone preparation methods. The single step, closed tube temperature-controlled method reduces handling of samples, lowers the risk of contamination, and decreases extraction time.

The Forensic Science Laboratory of the French Gendarmerie compared MicroGEM’s temperature-controlled PDQeX approach to regular bone preparation using a rotary saw and grinder. Using a fragment of bone from a burned body, the study demonstrated the PDQeX approach is much quicker, generating full DNA profiles in less than 2.5 hours compared to 6 hours using the other approach. The relative fluorescence intensity (rfu) was 3 times higher using PDQeX than the standard protocol.

TREPAN and GO: hDNA Collecting and Profiling from Bones is not Challenging Anymore (pdf)


Buccal Swabs – Forensics

Comparison of MicroGEM's temperature-controlled, single-tube, hands-free extraction compared to conventional approaches that require multiple steps, detergents and denaturants

High throughput laboratories for paternity, forensics, and genetic testing frequently process thousands of buccal per year. Most sample preparation methods are difficult to automate and, when automated, consume vast amounts of pipette tips and other consumables not included in the extraction kits. The extraction chemistries often require very specialized robotics and consumables.

forensicGEM Universal is ideal for high throughput processing of buccal swabs on a laboratory’s existing thermal cycler, requiring only a small cutting from the sample. Single-step, closed tube processing enables high automation, rapid lysis, and efficient extraction. This approach has been proven in labs processing over 10,000 samples per year.