Location: US, NA

PDQeX phytoGEM Crusher Tool

Simply and quickly crushes plant tissue onto a phytoGEM storage card for easy collection, transport, and storage.

The PDQeX phytoGEM Crusher Tool provides easy preparation of plant samples for use with MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor.

MicroGEM’s approach to plant DNA extraction has only two simple steps – quick sample prep and closed tube automated DNA extraction and purification.

  • Uses temperature-controlled enzymatic lysis and purification all in a single closed tube system
  • Streamlined approach provides plant to PCR-ready DNA from up to 24 samples of plant tissue, fungi or plant pathogens in less than 15 minutes
  • Simple sampling procedure (crushing plant tissue onto a storage card) provides a long-term storage solution
  • Sampling can be done in the field or greenhouse
  • No need to freeze or grind samples.

Crusher Tool Demo

The Crusher Tool provides a simple way to obtain a sample from a variety of plant tissues. Simply place the plant material over a phytoGEM storage card and crush. That’s all. Your plant sample is now transferred to the storage card ready for extraction or storage.

The jaws of the crusher tool can lock for easy packing. To unlock, squeeze the handles fully and release. The jaws will then be open.
Lift the flap on the phytocard and slide the card into the groove of the crusher tool. Place the plant over the card and close the jaws firmly until they release.
Your plant sample is now crushed on the phytocard ready for extraction or storage.