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10th Annual World DNA and Genome Day

Join us at Booth 7 to celebrate DNA Day together. Find out why temperature-controlled nucleic acid extractions are the answer when speed, sample size, yield, and simplified workflow are important.

BioTechniques Online Event: Advancing Precision Medicine

Join us for a chat at our virtual booth at BioTechniques online conference on advancing precision medicine. No need to leave your computer - just register at Find key resources on RNA extractions as well as bacterial extractions for NGS.

Webinar: A simple, single-tube approach to process sexual assault samples

Register to attend this must-see forensics webinar: Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 11:00 am EST

Join Jeff Hickey, MicroGEM’s forensic expert and product specialist, to discover the advantages of temperature-driven, enzymatic sperm lysis including qPCR and STR data comparing the enzymatic chemistry to conventional sperm lysis methods. Jeff will also discuss its use in Y screening of sexual assault evidence, as well as its use in differential extraction protocols.

Webinar: A novel enzymatic system for extracting sequencing-ready DNA in a single tube

Register to attend this webinar featuring Jo Stanton (University of Otago) and David Saul (CSO, MicroGEM) on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 3:00 pm EST.

Jo and David will discuss a novel DNA extraction approach using thermostable enzymes and a thermoresponsive cartridge used with the PDQeX to enable extractions without centrifugation or harsh solvents. They will share study results demonstrating the quality of sequencing-ready DNA extracted from bacteria and how this rapid approach compares to traditional chemical-based methods.

Webinar: Tips for extracting DNA from insects

Register to attend this must-see webinar to simplify and improve your insect DNA extractions: April 1 at 7 am PDT | 10 am EDT | 4 pm CET

MicroGEM product specialist, Rob Thompson, will introduce a simple protocol for extracting DNA from insects using a single tube, without ionic detergents, magnetic beads or columns. He will use case studies featuring a range of insects including fruit flies, anopheles mosquitoes, and African whitefly, and will present qPCR data comparing enzymatic lysis with traditional spin-column methods.

LabRoots: Genomics Virtual Week 2020

Discover the latest research developments and emerging technologies at this no-travel conference, featuring the latest gene-editing applications as well as developments in single-cell work and molecular diagnostics. Visit the MicroGEM booth to learn about our single-tube, no-loss RNA and DNA extraction methods to support downstream sequencing and gene editing capabilities.

Webinar: Advances in Extracting & Stabilizing RNA, an Important Toolkit for Molecular Oncology

Join MicroGEM CEO, Jeff Chapman, for a glimpse at the future of genomic analysis and nucleic acid isolation. During this webinar and Q&A session, Jeff discusses advances made in RNA extraction and stabilization from rare samples to a single cell using a series of enzymes which efficiently lyse cells, clear interacting proteins and eliminate RNases while preserving the integrity of the extracted RNA.

This webinar is a featured event at Select Science's Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research being held May 11-13 online. Register to attend.

Webinar: Remote, autonomous molecular analytical laboratories

Monday, June 29 at 9 am PDT | 12 pm EDT | 5 pm CET
Join MBARI's Christina Preston, research specialist, for a look at new ways to collect and analyze organisms in real-time. Click on the webinar title to register.

Molecular biological analyses, even RNA or DNA extractions, are typically confined to traditional labs. New technologies, such as the Environmental Sample Processor developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), offer fresh ways to process samples to detect and quantify different species or substances. Learn more about ways to collect, handle, and analyze samples in real-time in remote field settings. These new technologies can reshape monitoring and management strategies of a range of organisms in diverse environmental settings. MicroGEM's RNAGEM plays a role in providing remote RNA extractions.

LabRoots: Microbiology Virtual Week 2020

LabRoots is hosting a virtual event, which will cover a variety of topics, including global developments for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Infectious Diseases, discoveries in Microbiology & Immunology research to improve human, animal, and plant health, including virology, pathogenesis, genomics and epidemiology, microbial communities and biofilms, and research to find improved vaccines, diagnostics, and antiviral drugs for Influenza. MicroGEM will have a booth at the event from September 8-10. Click the link to visit the LabRoots registration page.

LabRoots: CRISPR 2020 Virtual Event

LabRoots is hosting a virtual conference on September 30, 2020 to continue the discussion around CRISPR classification systems, applications in biomedicine, and the use of CRISPR in the fight against COVID-19. MicroGEM will have a booth at the event. Head to the LabRoots registration page by clicking the link!

Webinar: Biological Workflows for Biopharma

Join MicroGEM's Rhonda Petit, Global Sales Director, and Georgi Hampton, PhD, Applications Field Scientist, as they share their vision for simplifying and improving biological workflows for the biopharma industry. The advantages of a single tube, enzymatic approach will be discussed along with a special CRISPR use case.

Webinar: Advances and Insights in Forensic Sample Preparation

Discover how a single-tube enzymatic method enables efficient DNA extraction while preserving yields and reducing contamination and error. MicroGEM’s forensic expert and field application scientist, Jillian Conte, Ph.D., will introduce this simple approach for extracting DNA from forensic samples without detergents, beads, or columns. This temperature-driven, single-tube approach minimizes contamination, decreases human error, significantly reduces plastic and hazardous waste, and protects precious samples.

Attendees will learn how crime labs across the country use forensicGEM products to improve their workflows. Jillian will share insights on increasing throughput of differential extractions, extracting trace DNA samples, and will provide updates on upcoming research initiatives. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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