Research Highlight: Comparative Study Finds PDQeX Produces Most Complete STR Profiles for Decomposing Human Tissues

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Upcoming Events

10th Annual World DNA and Genome Day

Join us at Booth 7 to celebrate DNA Day together. Find out why temperature-controlled nucleic acid extractions are the answer when speed, sample size, yield, and simplified workflow are important.

BioTechniques Online Event: Advancing Precision Medicine

Join us for a chat at our virtual booth at BioTechniques online conference on advancing precision medicine. No need to leave your computer - just register at Find key resources on RNA extractions as well as bacterial extractions for NGS.

Webinar: A simple, single-tube approach to process sexual assault samples

Register to attend this must-see forensics webinar: Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 11:00 am EST

Join Jeff Hickey, MicroGEM’s forensic expert and product specialist, to discover the advantages of temperature-driven, enzymatic sperm lysis including qPCR and STR data comparing the enzymatic chemistry to conventional sperm lysis methods. Jeff will also discuss its use in Y screening of sexual assault evidence, as well as its use in differential extraction protocols.

Webinar: A novel enzymatic system for extracting sequencing-ready DNA in a single tube

Register to attend this webinar featuring Jo Stanton (University of Otago) and David Saul (CSO, MicroGEM) on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 3:00 pm EST.

Jo and David will discuss a novel DNA extraction approach using thermostable enzymes and a thermoresponsive cartridge used with the PDQeX to enable extractions without centrifugation or harsh solvents. They will share study results demonstrating the quality of sequencing-ready DNA extracted from bacteria and how this rapid approach compares to traditional chemical-based methods.