Two Canadian children and their parents are the first to provide saliva samples for the Sal6830, the only saliva-based portable PCR test authorized by Health Canada

GUELPH, ONJuly 26, 2022 /CNW/ – Within days of Health Canada issuing an Interim Order authorization for the Sal6830 SARS-CoV-2 Saliva Testing Kits, a Canadian family is grateful for a non-invasive testing option that offers the accuracy of PCR in less than 30 minutes.

“Our whole family is very ready for the saliva option of PCR testing!” says Heidi T., a parent from Guelph, Ontario. “Our school-aged kids have had so many nasal swabs and are essentially traumatized by them. Spitting into a cup doesn't hurt at all and gets more accurate results. This is so ideal for visiting my 87-year-old dad at his retirement home, and just for knowing the nature of all these kindergarten germs that come home so frequently.”

The Sal6830 is a molecular diagnostic test developed by MicroGEM. Songbird Life Science is MicroGEM's Canadian distribution partner for the Sal6830 and its exclusive partner for specific industrial sectors across the country.

The Sal6830 is the first PCR-based point of care saliva test authorized for use in Canada. Through the convenience of a portable device, the Sal6830 provides onsite and accurate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) results in under 30 minutes.

Saliva-based testing removes the anxiety many children (and adults) experience with nasal swabs. The Sal6830 also removes doubt about the accuracy of results and eliminates lab wait times by offering accurate and fast results wherever people are situated—anytime, anywhere.

For Canadian families like Heidi's, the Sal6830 finally offers them a non-invasive and accurate testing option that is fast. They can quickly confirm if they have COVID-19 and should isolate and get treatment, or if they are safe to continue with their daily lives—whether it be school, work, travel, or play.

For Canadian businesses and institutions, the Sal6830 is an effective tool to help protect workforces from SARS-CoV-2 and support business continuity.

As Canadians attempt to navigate working and living during new waves and variants, accessible testing is a proven tactic within an effective multi-layered defense strategy. MicroGEM CCO, LeRoy Blake concurs: “Our goal is to ensure Canadians have greater access to high-quality COVID-19 tests – bringing an accurate on-site PCR option to keep the economy open despite the spread of new variants.”

Songbird Life Science is MicroGEM's distribution partner of the Sal6830 in Canada. As a national leader in providing point-of-care rapid testing solutions in some of the most challenging and complex environments, Songbird offers an unmatched understanding of pathogen transmission within the built environment. Now, with the Sal6830 added to its range of authorized DNA/RNA-identification technologies, Songbird is deploying its science-based solutions to even more Canadian businesses and communities.

Canada now has an effective, and the first, saliva-based test that combines the accuracy of a PCR test with the convenience of an antigen test – all at the point of care,” says John Andonoff, General Manager of Songbird Life Science. “This is key to keeping the economy running and protecting people, despite ongoing pandemic waves.”

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