We’ve brought together scientists, engineers, and business professionals – representing decades of experience in the fields of molecular biology and diagnostics – to bring a common mission to life:

We will simplify complex molecular techniques and move them out of highly-skilled labs to non-laboratory settings where they can be used at the point–of-need to solve biological problems.

Democratizing molecular biology.

Our temperature-driven, enzymatic approach to nucleic acid extractions is the first step, enabling rapid sample preparation for downstream analysis. We’re combining these rapid extraction capabilities with the power of microfluidics to develop next-generation point-of-need solutions.

“What I love about our approach is that “anyone” can be a molecular biologist. Our extraction workflows produce high-quality DNA and RNA with minimal effort. No harsh chemicals, no multiple steps, no columns, no beads, no overuse of plastic. Our thermophilic prepGEM enzyme puts fast, efficient sample preparation in the hands of many, where and when it is needed. Our mission is at hand … we are democratizing molecular biology.”

LeRoy Blake, Chief Commercial Officer

We’re United by Core Values.

  • Our customer’s voice is at the center of everything we do.
  • We respect each team member’s unique abilities to drive our success.
  • Our quality
    defines us.
  • We win
    through teamwork.
  • Our differentiation is through innovation.

Senior Leadership

Jeff Chapman
President and Chief Executive Officer
LeRoy Blake
Chief Commercial Officer
Brad Neilley
Chief Human Resources Officer
David Saul
Chief Scientific Officer
Gemma Steele
Group Legal Counsel
Peter Lee
VP of Corporate Strategic Development and Investor Relations
Brian Root
Global VP of Research and Development
Vincent Saviano
Global VP of Manufacturing Operations
Thomas Trace
Global VP of Quality and Regulatory