Micro refers to our expertise in microfluidics and GEM stands for Genes, Enzymes, and Microbes.

We are putting rapid diagnostic capabilities where they’re needed most – whether it’s a farmer’s field in Uganda to diagnose cassava mosaic virus or the depths of the Pacific Ocean to rapidly sample and analyze water pathogens.

This is democratizing molecular biology – bringing molecular biology techniques out of conventional, highly skilled laboratories to the point-of-need where they can be used by anyone to solve complex biological problems.

Our temperature-driven, enzymatic approach to nucleic acid extractions is the first step, enabling rapid sample preparation for downstream analysis. We're combining these rapid extraction capabilities with our expertise in microfluidics to develop next-generation point-of-need solutions.


Danny Chan
Chairman of the Board
Jeff Chapman
Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Hellyar
Chief Financial Officer
James Landers
Director, Microfluidics
David Saul
Director, Chief Scientific Officer - Enzymes and Reagents
Garth Smith
Director - Plant Specialist


LeRoy Blake
Chief Commercial Officer
Lianne Landers
Director of Strategic Marketing
Brian Root
Director of Program Management
Orion Scott
Director of Research and Development
Gemma Steele
Legal Counsel
Rob Thompson
Manager of Product Development