Do you have some downtime and are interested in catching up on the fastest, cleanest, simplest way to extract your nucleic acids? We've pulled our most recent on-demand webinars together in one place to demonstrate simple enzymatic workflows for RNA extractions, as well as DNA extractions from insects, sperm, and bacteria. High recovery, low risk of contamination and human error, and high-quality extracts – these are some of the stellar advantages of single-tube extractions accomplished in just minutes.

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Why enzymes rather than beads, columns or chemicals?

We believe in letting the enzymes do the work, freeing up lab time for scientists and protecting the environment from an abundance of harsh chemicals and plastic waste. Find out more about these amazing enzymes, derived from extremophiles we discovered on expeditions to Antarctica and New Zealand.

The enzyme approach is perfect for a wide variety of samples, ranging from plant and plant pathogens, cell culture, single cells, blood, saliva, bacteria, viruses, tissue, and sperm. Find your sample and discover your solution at


Are you specifically interested in RNA extractions? We've just released our most recent technical overview on the efficacy of RNAGEM, our RNA extraction solution for cells, tissues, insects, bacteria, and viruses. Ideal for gene expression from a very small number of cells, RNAGEM stabilizes RNA and eliminates RNases in less than 15 minutes. Read the technical overview here or learn more about RNAGEM here.

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