Coetzee M, Derua YA, Kimaro EE, Kweka EJ, Mausa EA, Venter N (2018) Application of hydrolysis probe analysis to identify clade types of the malaria vector mosquito Anopheles funestus sensu stricto from Muheza, northeastern Tanzania. Med Vet Ento 32(1): 125-128.

A hydrolysis probe analysis (TaqMan assay) was used to study clade types in Anopheles funestus sensu stricto Giles, a major malaria vector in sub-Saharan Africa, with specimens collected from Muheza in Tanga, northeastern Tanzania. A total of 186 An. funestusspecimens were analysed, revealing that 176 (94.6%) were of clade I and 10 (5.4%) of clade II.

These findings extend the distribution of clade type II from southern Mozambique and northern Zambia to northeastern Tanzania. The technique used can also be of great value in assessing the role and contribution of these clade types in malaria transmission and insecticide resistance frequencies for An. funestus s.s.

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