This analysis demonstrated that forensicGEM Sperm had higher concentrations of DNA across all replicates and dilutions compared to the competitor. The forensicGEM Sperm results showed useful DNA profiles down to a 1:10000 dilution, while the competitor had no peaks above 100 rfus at the same level. Additionally, forensicGEM Sperm had better quality profiles at the 1:1000 dilution as measured by average heterozygote peak balance and intracolor balance. The MicroGEM forensicGEM Sperm lysis chemistry is faster, easier and produces more high-quality DNA than competitive chemistry. This method can easily be automated or manually performed and, based on the above data, will provide useful data from evidence that would normally fail with traditional methods.

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forensicGEM Sperm

Extracts DNA from sperm cells, semen samples, and vaginal swabs

Produces single-stranded DNA validated for use with STR, PCR, and qPCR.

Each extraction kit contains forensicGEM Sperm, Acrosolv, and ORANGE+ buffer

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