Breakthrough Extraction Technology – Simple nucleic acid extraction workflow for cell culture, ideal for CRISPR genotyping

Join Rob Thompson, Senior Product Manager, for this 30-minute introduction to enzymatic nucleic acid extraction. Discover the next generation of sample preparation. Find out how nucleic acid extraction can be simple and fast, with optimal recovery and easy automation advantages. Learn how cell culture and CRISPR genotyping labs benefit from this prepGEM extraction methodology.

The 20-minute talk will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Learn about:

  • An enzymatic approach to extracting nucleic acids – less time, less chemicals, less plastic, less work.
  • prepGEM advantages compared to conventional extraction methods.
  • Tips to streamline and increase efficiency of extraction workflows for genotyping.

Get to know Rob:

Rob Thompson is MicroGEM’s Senior Product Manager and leads product development activities, providing technical expertise to MicroGEM’s science, commercial, and engineering teams in the development and expansion of product offerings across a broad range of research and commercial applications.