Material Safety Data Sheet for hazard identification, ingredients and chemical properties, first aid measures, handling, storage and transport, and regulatory information related to the research use of PDQeX prepGEM Universal.

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PDQeX prepGEM Universal

Effortlessly extract DNA from saliva, blood, tissue including animal (ear punches, mouse tails, insect), and cell culture.

Produces double-stranded DNA for STR, PCR, qPCR, or amplicon sequencing.

Each kit contains PDQeX prepGEM, Histosolv, BLUE buffer, ORANGE+ buffer, enhancer, and extractor tubes.

For processing larger samples, we recommend the PDQeX prepGEM Universal HC kits. These kits have the traditional advantages that come with using the PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor but also include the new HC extraction cartridges.

These new HC extraction cartridges allow for more sample to be loaded into the cartridge before the purification matrix becomes overloaded. This results in a higher final yield of extracted DNA, meaning the PDQeX prepGEM Universal HC kits are better suited for sequencing workflows where a higher yield of DNA is encouraged.


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Rapid extraction of DNA from limited FFPE material derived from lung tumour of engineered mice

Rapid DNA extraction from human saliva and blood for SNP calling

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