RNAGEM is a powerful, broad-specificity, thermophilic proteinase that aggressively destroys ribonucleases. It is ideal for preparing RNA from mammalian cell culture, laser capture microdissection and FACS-prepared cell populations, as well as cells in suspension, adherent cells, cells stored in RNAlater™, and cell pellets.

RNAGEM uses a rapid, single-tube protocol that releases RNA with excellent linearity across a wide range of cell numbers, from a single or a few cells to thousands of cells. The method is automatable, closed-tube, and does not require further purification of the RNA for accurate RT-qPCR analysis.

The RNAGEM reagents efficiently lyse the cells and strip protein from nucleic acids, thereby allowing higher processivity of polymerases. The result is greater sensitivity – especially with low abundance transcripts and small sample volumes. Reduced handling and efficient template preparation means the RNAGEM kits generate mRNA profiles that are as close to the biological reality of the sample as possible.

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