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PDQeX phytoGEM Punch Tool and Tip

Used with MicroGEM storage cards to cut out plant sample and transfer to a PDQeX cartridge.

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The punch tool is used to cut out a portion of the storage card containing the sample and transferring it into the PDQeX cartridge. The punch tool comes with a pre-attached tip that is capable of performing up to 1000 punches. Replacement tips are also available for purchase.

PDQeX Handbook (pdf)

Punch Tool Demo

To take a sample with the punch tool, gently press down onto the card with the metal cutting tip until the punch is taken. A twisting motion will help.

The plastic backing stops the punch from making holes right through the card and will reduce contamination.








Expel the punch(es) into a PDQeX cartridge using the plunger.

For DNA extraction, one to four 3 mm punches can be used.