On-Demand Webinar on Bacterial DNA Extractions for In-field Sequencing
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The DNA extraction process is often the rate-limiting step in next-generation sequencing workflows. In common extraction methods, the sample is transferred between a variety of tubes and subjected to various wash steps. This process is not only slow and labor-intensive but introduces opportunities for cross-contamination.

In this webinar, the speakers discuss a novel method that enables extraction of sequencing-ready DNA from bacteria in a single tube. The PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor, developed by MicroGEM, combines thermostable enzymes with thermoresponsive plastics to enable DNA extraction without centrifugation or harsh solvents. The faster, gentler, cleaner protocol omits the need for wash steps, such that the resulting sample can be used directly in sequencing workflows without any further purification.

Bacterial DNA isolated via the PDQeX system is appropriate for whole genome sequencing including long-read sequencing of bacterial genomes, yielding high-resolution sequencing data to facilitate applications such as microbial Identification, building reference genomes, understanding the temporal and spatial dynamics of epidemics/pathogenesis, and monitoring horizontal gene transfer and antibiotic resistance.

In the webinar, researchers David Saul and Jo Stanton highlight the quality of DNA extracted using the rapid PDQeX protocol compared to competing methodologies. The particular advantages to using this enzyme-driven chemistry for sequencing projects are also discussed. Finally, the speakers share insights on compatibility of the PDQeX system with emerging sequencing technologies.

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This webinar was recorded live in partnership with D-Mark Biosciences and Samba Scientific on February 13, 2020.