This product overview details the many benefits of MicroGEM’s prepGEM Universal extraction kit. prepGEM Universal utilizes MicroGEM’s thermophilic proteinase for simple, rapid DNA extraction with unprecedented recovery. This kit is an excellent tool for researchers performing confirmatory genotyping of transfected cells following CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing.

Key Advantages:

  • Single-tube extraction
  • Protocols ranging from 4 to 18 minutes
  • High DNA Recovery – Minimal loss of DNA during extraction
  • No magnetic beads – No spin-columns – No harsh chemicals
  • Protocols scalable from 1 cell to millions of cells
  • Easily automated on a standard laboratory thermocycler or robotic platform
  • Minimal plasticware required – Reduced waste

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prepGEM Universal

MicroGEM’s prepGEM Universal is a widely-used, adaptable reagent kit suitable for DNA extractions from life science samples. Because the entire extraction is done in a single-tube with no washes or additional steps, there is no loss of DNA, enabling extractions from even a single cell.

  • Extracts DNA from blood, saliva, and tissue including animal (ear punches, mouse tails, insect) and cell culture
  • Produces single-stranded DNA for STR, PCR, qPCR, whole genome amplification, amplicon sequencing
  • Perfect for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing with NGS
  • Each extraction kit contains prepGEM, Histosolv, BLUE buffer, RED+ buffer, and ORANGE+ buffer

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Efficient DNA extractions for CRISPR toolkits: A simplified CRISPR genotyping workflow

Rapid extraction of DNA from limited FFPE material derived from lung tumour of engineered mice

Fast and simple DNA preparation for the screening of CRISPR/Cas9-generated knockout cell lines

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PDQeX prepGEM Universal

Effortlessly extract DNA from saliva, blood, tissue including animal (ear punches, mouse tails, insect), and cell culture.

Produces double-stranded DNA for STR, PCR, qPCR, or amplicon sequencing.

Each kit contains PDQeX prepGEM, Histosolv, BLUE buffer, ORANGE+ buffer, enhancer, and extractor tubes.

Discover how to extract DNA with prepGEM Universal from limited FFPE material such as a 2µm slide. Extract DNA from up to 96 samples in 20 minutes. No deparaffinization or purification step required.


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Rapid extraction of DNA from limited FFPE material derived from lung tumour of engineered mice


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PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor

MicroGEM’s automated solution for effortless DNA extraction.

Ideal for PCR, qPCR, STR, and Whole Genome Sequencing.

Optimized for lysis and purification for double-stranded sequencing; also produces high-quality single-stranded extractions.

Simplified workflow in a single closed-tube system to handle challenging samples such as plant and fungi.

Perfect for labs looking for fast, hands-free, programmable sample processing.

Produces DNA in less than 20 minutes.

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