This product overview details the many benefits of MicroGEM’s RNAGEM extraction kit. RNAGEM utilizes MicroGEM’s novel thermophilic proteinase and buffer system to extract total nucleic acids in less than 25 minutes without the need for purification.

Key advantages:

  • Single-Tube Nucleic acid extraction in less than 25 minutes
  • Simultaneous Total Nucleic Acid Extraction – genomic DNA, mRNA, long non-coding RNA, small non-coding RNA
  • No ionic detergents or chaotropic salts
  • High nucleic acid recovery – Minimal loss of nucleic acids during extraction
  • No magnetic beads – No spin-columns
  • Flexibility – suitable for low-throughput to high-throughput extraction with a single protocol
  • Easily automated using standard liquid handling solutions
  • Minimal plasticware required – Reduced waste and supply chain issues

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Temperature-driven, single-tube extractions of total RNA from mammalian cells, tissues, insects, bacteria and virus

This powerful, broad-specificity approach is ideal for gene expression from a very small number of cells, such as exosomes or single cells, without the need for harsh chemicals or further purification.

  • Ideal for preparing RNA from mammalian cell culture, laser capture microdissection, FACS-prepared cell populations, cells in suspension, adherent cells, cells stored in RNAlaterTM and cell pellets
  • Simplified, hands-off workflow provides RT-PCR and RT-qPCR ready RNA in approximately 5 minutes
  • Releases both RNA and DNA with excellent recovery across a wide range of cell numbers
  • Requires no further purification for accurate RT-PCR and RT-qPCR analysis
  • Inhibitor-free means no harsh chemical washes or multiple steps
  • RT-PCR and RT-qPCR reagents can be added directly to the lysate for a simple, streamlined protocol in 96 well plates
  • Each kit contains RNAGEM, DNase I, BLUE buffer, 10x DNase buffer, and 10x TE

Learn more about RNAGEM and recent applications. Download our RNAGEM technical overview. Watch our webinar on advances in extracting and stabilizing RNA.


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