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forensicGEM Universal

Extracts DNA from forensic samples including saliva (liquid, swab, stains, storage card – FTA), blood (liquid, swab, stains, storage card – FTA), and tissue (solid, hair).

Produces high-quality single-stranded DNA proven for use with STR, PCR, qPCR and whole genome amplification.

Each kit contains forensicGEM, Histosolv, BLUE buffer, RED+ buffer and ORANGE+ buffer.


info Product Codes and Prices
# of Reactions Product Code Price
50 FUN0050 $180.00
100 FUN0100 $330.00
500 FUN0500 $1,570.00
1000 FUN1000 $2,980.00

Image shows 100, 500, and 1,000 reaction kits

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MicroGEM’s forensicGEM Universal kit is the perfect solution for forensic sample processing where speed, sample size and sample integrity are critical. Our temperature-controlled extraction process allows for lysis without purification. It uses a novel cocktail of temperature-dependent enzymes rather than detergents and reducing agents, such as SDS, mercaptoethonol, and DTT, that inhibit qPCR and STR analysis.

Hands-free, single-tube processing means DNA yields are maintained, processing time is quick, and opportunities for contamination are minimized. This is the perfect approach for processing high volumes of samples when quick turnaround is critical and when DNA extraction from small volume forensic samples is required.

  • Simplified, hands-off workflow provides STR, PCR and qPCR-ready DNA in 15 minutes
  • No purification steps makes it possible to extract DNA in very small volumes
  • Quick sample prep frees up technician time, reduces lab costs, and speeds up response time

  • Reduced handling protects the integrity of the sample
  • Compatible with existing thermal cyclers, making it easy to automate for quick DNA extractions.
  • Single tube processing results in significant reductions in the cost of consumables and hazardous/plastic waste



forensicGEM Handbook (pdf)

Quick Start Card: forensicGEM Universal (pdf)

Safety Data Sheet: forensicGEM Universal (pdf)

Product Overview (pdf)

App Note: Extraction of DNA from cigarette butts using forensicGEM Universal (pdf)

Final Report: Pre-Extraction Separation of Mixed Source DNA Samples Through Micromanipulation and Direct PCR Short Tandem Repeat Typing of Cells. New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. 2016. Released by the Office of Justice Programs’ National Criminal Justice Reference Service (pdf) A study conducted by the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner demonstrated prepGEM Tissue (part of the forensicGEM Universal kit) had the highest DNA recovery to obtain high fraction profiles from fingerprints and epithelial cells among the methods compared.

Buccal Swabs – Forensics

Comparison of MicroGEM's temperature-controlled, single-tube, hands-free extraction compared to conventional approaches that require multiple steps, detergents and denaturants

High throughput laboratories for paternity, forensics, and genetic testing frequently process thousands of buccal per year. Most sample preparation methods are difficult to automate and, when automated, consume vast amounts of pipette tips and other consumables not included in the extraction kits. The extraction chemistries often require very specialized robotics and consumables.

forensicGEM Universal is ideal for high throughput processing of buccal swabs on a laboratory’s existing thermal cycler, requiring only a small cutting from the sample. Single-step, closed tube processing enables high automation, rapid lysis, and efficient extraction. This approach has been proven in labs processing over 10,000 samples per year.